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Established in 2015, Shenzhen MemsFrontier Electronics Co., Ltd. (MemsFrontier in short) is a leading MEMS sensor and precision [...]

Gas Sensor

The MTP20 series are equipped with gas specific filters with different center wavelengths (CWL),which provide one or two sensor elements for multiple gas concentration measurements such as CO2,CH4,R32,SF6 ,CO,etc.

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The MPM series mark a new technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with particle diameter up to 2.5 microns and is among the most dangerous air pollutants. It is good choice for HVAC and air quality applications.

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The industrial IR gas sensor MPY20 series are based on NDIR technology, with long life and full measurement range,widely used in gas detection and analysis in petrochemical, chemical, coal, medical, laboratory and other fields.

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Thanks to the NDIR principle for the measurement of carbon dioxide concentration, the MTP40 series sensor compensates for long-term drifts automatically by design. The very small module height allows easy integration into different applications.

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The MPS series offer outstanding design flexibility, providing a single package solution that can be easily integrated into a multitude of existing and upcoming devices such as blood pressure measurements and consumer electronics.

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Temperature Sensor

The MTP30 series are an infrared temperature measurement module integrates a MEMS infrared thermopile temperature sensor, a low-noise instrumentation amplifier and a low-power MCU for digital operation and temperature calibration.

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The MTP10 Series are single element thermopile sensors in small TO-39 or TO-46 packages. They are primarily used for non-contact temperature measurements and support a fully modular concept.

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Infrared Filter


It is widely applied in infrared temperature measurement and security monitoring.

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Wide application in gas detection and analysis instruments.

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More equipped with infrared temperature measurement and security monitoring.

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Mainly applied in Thermal imaging lens and temperature measurement.

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MemsFrontier Sensor: Sense the Smart Life

Established in 2015, Shenzhen MemsFrontier Electronics Co., Ltd. (MemsFrontier in short) is a leading MEMS sensor and precision optical component design and manufacturing enterprise in China, and is one of the major global suppliers of thermopile temperature sensors and NDIR gas sensors.

Through years of technology accumulation and R&D investment, our company has successfully developed temperature, gas, pressure and PM sensors, which include more than 20 types of MEMS sensors and more than 30 types of precision optical component products.

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