MTP10-B7F55 Temperature Sensor Chip

Best-seller in the non-contact temperature measuring field,it is with 5.5um LWP Filter,based on MEMS thermopile technology,it is supporting a fully modular concept and widely applied in non-contact temperature measurements.


Absolute Maximum Rating

Parameter Value


Operating Temperature -30~100
Storage Temperature -40~125

Performance Specification

Parameter Value Unit Conditions
Chip Size 1.1*1.1 mm2
Membrane Area 0.75*0.75 mm2
Field of View 83 ° at 50 % intensity points
Thermopile Resistance 54±10% Temp=25℃
Noise Voltage 30±2 nV/Hz1/2 Temp=25℃
NEP 0.37 nW/Hz1/2 500K,1Hz
Responsivity 81 V/W 500K,5.5um(LWP)
Temp Coefficient of Resistance 0.1 %/℃ 25℃/50℃
Time Constant 20 ms
Specific Detectivity 5.9E+07 cmHz1/2/W 500K,1Hz
Thermistor Resistance 100±3% 25℃
Thermistor BETA-Value 3950±1% K 25℃/50℃

Typical Performance Curve


Optical Characteristic

Parameter Value Unit Description
Field of View 83 ° 50% Maximum Signal


Filter Specification

Parameter Value Unit Description
Transmission Range 5.5~14 um LWP
Transmission ≥80 % 5.5~14um
Transmission Blocking Average 1 % <5um


Electrical Connection

Pin 1 2 3 4
Define TP+ NTC+ TP- GND



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