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MemsFrontier Sensor: Sense the Smart Life

MemsFrontier Sensor: Sense the Smart Life

Expert for Temperature, Gas, Pressure, PM Sensor and IR Filter Solutions.

Established in 2015, Shenzhen MemsFrontier Electronics Co., Ltd. (MemsFrontier in short) is a leading MEMS sensor and precision optical component design and manufacturing enterprise in China, and is one of the major global suppliers of thermopile temperature sensors and NDIR gas sensors. Through years of technology accumulation and R&D investment, our company has successfully developed temperature, gas, pressure and PM sensors, which include more than 20 types of MEMS sensors and more than 30 types of precision optical component products. At present, our company has independent research and development capabilities and core technologies in chip designing, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing of the above-mentioned MEMS sensors. We can independently design and produce the core supporting precision optical components of various optical sensors, and the entire production process of sensors and precision optical components of MEMS can be done locally.

MemsFrontier has strong production capabilities, complying with ISO 9001: 2015 and is capable of producing thermopile temperature sensors, NDIR gas sensors, MEMS pressure sensors, PM sensors and infrared filters, which are RoHS certified, besides MemsFrontier also has technical reserves of MEMS light sources and MEMS flow sensors. MemsFrontier has strong technical strength and currently possesses the industry-leading MEMS chip integration and infrared optical product manufacturing processes and technology; MemsFrontier has a good reputation in the field and maintains sound customer relationships, and has accumulated a number of core customers through years of running. We will adhere to our advantages, take root in our existing business, increase the variety and improve the performance of our sensor chips, improve product performance by establishing technical thresholds, and stick to our high-standard research and development and keep investing in R&D.

MemsFrontier is committed to becoming the leading global supplier of thermopile temperature sensors, NDIR gas sensors, MEMS pressure sensors, PM sensors and infrared filters.


Chip Design

MEMS chip design ASIC chip design (with strong source chip design and development capabilities)

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Pre-Factory Calibration

Full experience in engineering mass production calibrations

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System-level Solutions

Understanding the end use of sensors

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Shipping Method

Matching different customer groups, different needs

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Comprehensive Product Coverage

Experts for MEMS Infrared Temperature Sensors, MEMS Infrared Gas Sensors, MEMS Pressure Sensors, PM Sensors and Infrared Filters

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Precision Manufacturing Power

Every process step from chip design, wafer packaging, and module placement is perfected

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We are a full-service sensor company

Integrate Chip Design, Packaging and Testing.

Professional Supplier of MEMS Sensors & Precision Optical Components.

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