MemsFrontier Application

Medicine and Health Care

In the fields of medical diagnosis, medical health, health care, etc.,

MemsFrontier sensors can not only directly contact with liquid , withstand humid and other environments,

but also can provide highly accurate measurement results for various media such as exhaled breath, reagents, and samples.

Consumer Electronics

It is applied to electronic products such as smart bracelets,

mobile phones, automotive electronics, microwave ovens, rice cookers, sensor faucet, hair dryers, etc.,

which improves life experience and makes it more intelligent and convenient.

Smart Home

Used in central air conditioning,

fresh air systems, sweeping robots, home theaters,

security monitoring and other supporting solutions to help people enjoy a smart life.

Air Monitoring

Air quality monitoring in public places such as hotel villas,

shopping malls and supermarkets, workplaces, underground garages and cinemas.


You can find our sensors apply in the alarm system of large workshop,

Warehouse management, Airport terminal,industrial park,mine,and so on.


MemsFrontier sensor plays an important role in the car air quality detection

and purification system,

leading us an intelligent automobile life